On Wednesday August 4, 2010 Alex hit a milestone after a long ball to make it into the 600th home run club with 7 other people. First of all he doesn’t deserve to be in this club since he was on steroids from the 2001-2003 seasons. They should have taken away the home runs from those seasons and he would only have 444. 156 of his 600 home runs were while he was on the Texas Rangers on roids. That is the whole reason that he became a Yankee is because he was on roids as a Ranger that is the only reason the Yankees noticed him since those were his outstanding seasons while he CHEATED!!!

He should never be compared to Hank Aaron’s Babe Ruth, and Willie Mayes all of them got to where they are not on roids. I respect them more then I do the other names because they got to where they are now hitting home runs on with own power not ROIDS..

He should be put in the same category as other steroid users Mark McGwire, Ozzie Canseco, Jose Guillen and etc.

5 Responses to “ALEX RODRIGUEZ 600TH HOME RUN”


  2. A-Rod is not amazing he is the worst example of what not to be when you grow up. He is not a good role model for young people because promotes the idea that you can cheat your way to the top. Jeter does not have batting power but he is a true team player and a great example of leadership.

  3. Ya but he is an great baseball player

  4. Cody he is a great player I agree but shouldnt of gone near the steroids as it only takes away from his character and overall accomplishments. So he doesnt deserve to be in the hall of fame for this reason but he still is a good player that single handedly degraded his overall value by doing so. His lost sorry!!

  5. Your just mad about how good he is

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