The class that just entered the National Football Hall of Fame could be considered one of the best classes to enter the HOF. Russ Grim a  guard for the Redskins from 1981-1991. Rickey Jackson was a linebacker for the Saints from 1981-1993 and the 49ers from 1994-1995. Dick LeBeau was a corner back for the Detroit Lions from 1959-1972, now he is the defensive coordinator for the Steelers and has 2 Super Bowls as a coach. Floyd Little was a running back and played for the Denver Broncos from 1967-1975. Jerry Rice was a wide receiver for the 49ers from 1985-2000, Oakland Raider 2001-2004, and the Seahawks in 2004. He was the best receiver to ever play the game breaking a lot of receiving records. Last but not least Emmitt Smith a running back for the Dallas Cowboys from 1990-2000 and a Arizona Cardinal from 2003-2004. As a Cowboy he became the all time leading rusher in the NFL. This class has a lot of history between them like 9 Super Bowl championships, 13 Super Bowl appearances, and 22 AFC/NFC conference championship games. This could be one of the greatest HOF classes to ever enter the National Football Hall of Fame.

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