Wow who expected what happened with the number one and two golfers in the world at the Bridgestone Invitational. Who would of thought that Tiger Woods the number one golfer in the world shot (74,72,75,77) finishing 18 over and tied for 78th place out of 80. Phil Mickelson who shot (66,68,71,78) finished 3 over and tied for 46th place. Both of these players have won 119 PGA tour victories combined. The players that finished in the top two, no one really expected them to finish that far up in the standings. First in second place was a Texas boy Ryan Palmer who shot (78,68,63,69) 10 under par. Ryan who has only been in the PGA since 2000 has won 3 tournaments . The Champion of the Bridgestone Invitational Hunter Mahan who shot (71,67,66,64) 12 under par. He became a pro in 2003 he has only won 3 events before winning his four this weekend. Congrats to those two golfers for finishing one and two in the tournament. Don’t worry Phil and Tiger you two still are the best two in the game of golf.

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